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  • 15ET2


Small size with lots of power – EPT20-15ET2 has totally proven its worth by rapidly increase sales. Innovative patents ensure powerful performance, high stability, long service life and easy operation. The EPT20-15ET2 is a reliable partner to enhance the production efficiency and liberate labor force.



Small size, light service weight, simple operation; Energy-saving and environmental, lower cost; More convenient for maintenance.

Patented Design

Ergronomic tiller bounded with key switch, BDI and troubleshooting indicator enhances easy and accurate operation. 


External Control System 

Patent designed external system that protects controller and provides easy access for maintenance. 


Front Detachable Battery Cover 

Innovative design for easy battery service and replacement 


Integrated Charger

24volt systm with high efficiency charger. Upper installed unit for better heat dissipation. 



Six (6) Months Parts Defects, Labor not included. 

EP warrants the EPT20-15ET2 will be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal and proper use, maintenance, operation, and service, excepting ordinary wear and tear.