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Aftermarket Support

The the most critical factor in the ownership of equipment is uptime. We have over 200,000 stocking parts for all type of equipments.  With 50 years of experience, rest assured ESB has the knowledge to provide superior customer service to exceed your expectations. We provide:

  • Forklift Replacement Parts;
  • Battery Replacement Parts;
  • Charger Replacement Parts;
  • Aerial Lift Platform Parts;
  • Construction & Agriculture;
  • Generator Parts;
  • Maintenance Accessories;
  • Replacement Tires;
  • Golf Carts Parts;
  • Safety Accessories.

ESB can service any type of forklift and industral battery available on the market today. Our Service Department are fully equipped  to get your equipment back on the job fast. From a basic tune-up, to a complex service.  We can perform checks and adjustments to your lift trucks that other companies charge extra for,  helping keep your trucks running, your production line moving and your warehouse profitable.

Preventive Maintenance


We offer our  Maintenance Program for all brands of Materials Handling Equipment. This comprehensive coverage program includes all levels of Scheduled Operation Maintenance services, labor and parts replacement coverage on nearly every part of the truck. Offered at a fixed monthly rate, our Maintenance Program can help prevent unforeseen maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. We can also work with you to develop a customized  Maintenance Program that offers additional coverage.

Forklifts repairs and more...

  • Forklift Repairs;
  • Industrial Battery Repairs;
  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Forklift Replacement Parts;
  • Equipment Reconditioning;
  • Discharge Test Equipments;
  • Battery Telecomm Installs;
  • Operator OSHA Certifications;
  • Battery Training Semminars;
  • Hydraulic Hoses Replacements;
  • Tire Press Installations;
  • Industrial Battery Mannufacturing.

Equipment Rentals


Looking to reduce operational costs? Tired of expensive repairs and forklifts that don't provide your operation with the extra mile? ESB has a complete rental program for customers looking to outsource all material handling equipments. Our program provides you with Brand New equipments taking care of all the materal handling hassle so you can focus on your core business. Ask us about our options and how we can provide you with a talor-made solution for your application.



Is your employee trained and licensed?

Have you completed your daily checklist?

Do you know your load limit so you can avoid tipping?

Are your forks down?

Osha Forklift Certification


Run safer operations with our operator training and our battery care semminar  solutions. Our highly trained staff offers OSHA-mandated forklift operator training classes.

Our retail stores


Our automotive and fleet service centers provides services to Company Fleets, bringing the Fleet Account advantage . From oil changes to extensive repairs and complete fleet maintenance service, we do it all. Call us to find out about our fleet program and any applicable discounts.

AutoKart Service Center Guaynabo

Marginal Buchanan, Lote#4, Guaynabo

Telephone: + 787-793-0985

FAX: + 787-793-0985


AutoKart Service Center Carolina

San Anton, Rd 887 Km 2.5, Carolina

Telephone: + 787-752-1874

FAX: + 787-276-2758